Distance Education and Non-Thesis Master's Degree Graduation Procedures Roadmap
After our Distance Education and Non-Thesis Master's Degree Students successfully complete the 10 Courses and Term Project, they will start the Graduation Procedures with UNIKA-FRM-0220 Non-Thesis Master's Project Report Evaluation Form.
According to the Academic Calendar of the term included in the Project Evaluation Form, final grades must be sent to the Institute Directorate via the Department by the relevant student/advisor before the deadline for entry.
After the Project Report reaches our Institute, the student's transcript will be checked and sent to the Institute Board of Directors for Graduation Procedures.
It is important that our students stay in touch with their advisors and follow the process. The relevant regulations will apply to students whose Project Evaluation Form does not reach the Institute within the specified period.
Things to Know About Diploma Procedures
Our students whose graduation has been approved can follow the DIPLOMA READY tab whether their diplomas have arrived or not.
You can receive your diploma yourself or by a notary or another person to whom you have given power of attorney. The person who wants to receive the diploma with a power of attorney must present a notarized power of attorney with the Republic of Turkey Republic of Turkey. If he is a citizen, he must bring a photocopy of his identity card, and if he is a foreign national, he must bring a photocopy of his residence card.
Graduate Education Institute Directorate