Required Forms When Determining Thesis Defense Exam Date
UNIKA-FRM-0081 Master's Thesis Exam Jury Recommendation Form
To Apply for Thesis Defense Exam Date; The Thesis Exam Jury Recommendation Form will be prepared completely in computer environment together with the Thesis Advisor and you must submit it to the Head of the Relevant Department 1 month before your exam date. You can obtain the relevant forms from the FORMS menu of our Institute's Web Page.
Documents Required for Thesis Defense Exam
Students who will take the thesis defense exam must have the Thesis Approval Page, Thesis Examination Report Form and Thesis Evaluation Forms with them, as many as the number of the Jury, when they enter the exam. Master's/PhD Thesis Approval Pages must be filled out on computer. Approval pages will be signed by the jury members with a blue ballpoint pen by the students who are successful in the exam and will remain with our students to be used in the thesis printing.
It is mandatory to prepare UNIKA-FRM-0154 Master's Thesis Examination Report Form or UNIKA-FRM-0077 Doctoral Thesis Examination Report Forms in computer environment. The signatures of the Minutes and Evaluation forms will be completed and delivered to the relevant Department Heads.
What Our Students Who Are Successful in the Exam Should Do
Our students who are successful in the Thesis Defense Exam will submit their theses, which you have prepared by using the Thesis Writing Guide and Thesis Writing Template on the Graduate Education Institute's website, to the Institute Directorate along with the forms below, within one month from the exam date. Before bringing your documents, our students are required to send an e-mail to ( and wait for the return e-mail and print their thesis after making the corrections (Examination of the theses in terms of form and conformity of the thesis within 7 days according to Article 10 of Karabük University Graduate Education Institute Thesis Printing and Delivery Directive). or by returning the student's e-mail requesting corrections to be made within 15 days - Your advisor's e-mail address should also be included when sending the e-mail).
The Institute will receive a similarity (plagiarism) report during the Thesis Delivery, and if the thesis plagiarism rate is above 24%, graduation procedures will not be carried out. CLICK for the relevant Senate Decision
You can obtain the relevant forms from the FORMS menu of our Institute's Web Page.
Documents Our Students Should Prepare During Thesis Submission
Graduate (Master's/PhD) Thesis in 1 USB Memory Stick
3 Thesis Approval Pages (with completed signatures in blue pen)
UNIKA-FRM-0094 Post-Graduation Disconnection Form (To be signed by the Thesis Advisor, Head of Department, Directorate of Library and Documantation, Directorate of  Information Technology, BAP Coordinatorship and Iran-Steel Institute.)
ORCID Number Printout 1 (Page Link
Thesis Data Entry Form (T.R. Higher Education Council Thesis Center ( 1 Piece (signed with a blue pen)) The reference number specified in the Thesis Data Entry Form will be written.
Identity Card Photocopy / Passport Photocopy for International Students
For students registered as of the 2023/2024 Academic Year, a document showing that they meet the 'Publication Requirements' for graduate graduation.
Things to Consider When Preparing a USB Memory
The entire thesis is in PDF/WORD (pages with wet signatures will be unsigned "Declaration of Approval and Accuracy").​​
All Summary/Archive Registration Information as PDF/WORD (Archive Registration Information is only for Social Areas.)
If there are attachments independent of the thesis, they will be uploaded in a compressed RAR file.
The USB memory must be named with the student's name, surname and student number.
Important Warnings:
In the thesis defense exam or semi-online exams, the wet signatures of our advisor (even if they are from another university) and university professors must be present on the thesis approval page. If member professors from other universities participate online, ONLINE can be written in the signature section.
In your thesis that you will submit as a CD, be sure to remove or hide any information that is contrary to the Personal Data Protection Law (phone number, e-mail address, signature, etc.)!
Things to Know About Diploma Procedures
After graduation, your thesis will be uploaded to YÖKTEZ by our institute, and since it will be checked by YÖKTEZ in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, it will not be approved immediately and a process is required.
You can follow whether your diploma has arrived or not from the DIPLOMA READY tab.
You can receive your diploma yourself or by a notary or another person to whom you have given power of attorney. The person who wants to receive the diploma with a power of attorney must present a notarized power of attorney with the Republic of Turkey Republic of Turkey. If he is a citizen, he must bring a photocopy of his identity card, and if he is a foreign national, he must bring a photocopy of his residence card.
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