Formlar İngilizce

UNİKA-FRM-0164 Supervisor Suggestion Form 

UNİKA-FRM-0165 Thesis Proposal Form

UNİKA-FRM-0166 Form For Change of Thesis Subject 

UNİKA-FRM-0167 Jury Suggestion Form 

UNİKA-FRM-0168 Thesis Examination Report 

UNİKA-FRM-0169 Project Report of Non-Thesis Master’s Program 

UNİKA-FRM-0170 Student Petition Form 

UNİKA-FRM-0171 Form For Supervisor Change

UNİKA-FRM-0172 Request Form For The Appointment of a Co-Supervisor 

UNİKA-FRM-0173 Application Form For The Transfer of Courses Taken From Another Institution or as a Special Student

UNİKA-FRM-0174 Application Form of Seminar Course 

UNİKA-FRM-0175 Application Form To Take Courses From Another Department 

UNİKA-FRM-0176 Transfer Application 

UNİKA-FRM-0177 Course Registration Form For Special Students 

UNİKA-FRM-0178 Pre-Check List of Thesis Writing 

UNİKA-FRM-0179 Request Form To Take Courses From Graduate Joint Programs

UNİKA-FRM-0180 Form Of Dismissal 

UNİKA-FRM-0181 Application Form For  Thesis Access Restriction 

UNİKA-FRM-0182 Form For Appointing A Supervisor in Joint Programs 

UNİKA-FRM-0183 Request Form For Taking Course From Other Institutes-Universities 

UNİKA-FRM-0184 Supervisor Suggestion Form

UNİKA-FRM-0185 Form For Change of Thesis Subject 

UNİKA-FRM-0186 Application Form For Qualifying Exam 

UNİKA-FRM-0187 Jury Suggestion Form For Qualifying Exam 

UNİKA-FRM-0188 Qualifying Exam Report 

UNİKA-FRM-0189 Thesis Monitoring Committee Assigment 

UNİKA-FRM-0190 Date Notification For Thesis Proposal Exam 

UNİKA-FRM-0191 Report of Thesis Proposal Exam 

UNİKA-FRM-0192 Meeting Date Notification For Thesiıs Monitoring Committee 

UNİKA-FRM-0193 Report of Thesis Monitoring Committee 

UNİKA-FRM-0194 Form For Suggestion of Jury Members For Thesis Defense 

UNİKA-FRM-0195 PhD Thesis Examination 

UNİKA-FRM-0219 Course Suggestion Form

UNİKA-FRM-0094 Disassociation Form