About Senate Decision on Thesis Submission
Senate Decision on Thesis Submission

According to Article 9 of the "Karabük University Graduate Education Institute Thesis Writing and Submission Directive", the amendment of which was accepted by the Senate Decision No. 2023/15 dated 26.10.2023, thesis submissions that were previously bound with a cardboard cover and made in CD format; As of Monday, November 6, 2023, it has been decided that the theses will be prepared with a digital copy on a USB memory stick as stated below and 3 Thesis Approval/Acceptance Pages.

Things to Consider When Preparing a USB Memory

  • The entire thesis is in PDF/WORD (pages with wet signatures will be unsigned "Declaration of Approval and Accuracy").​​
  • All Summary/Archive Registration Information as PDF/WORD (Archive Registration Information is only for Social Areas.)
  • If there are attachments independent of the thesis, they will be uploaded in a compressed RAR file.
  • The USB memory must be named with the student's name, surname and student number.

Documents Our Students Should Prepare During Thesis Submission

  • Graduate (Master's/PhD) Thesis in 1 USB Memory Stick
  • Thesis Approval Page (with completed signatures in blue pen)
  • UNIKA-FRM-0094 Post-Graduation Disconnection Form (To be signed by the Thesis Advisor, Head of Department, KBÜ Central Library and BAP coordinator.)
  • ORCID Number Printout 1 (Page Link https://orcid.org/register)
  • Thesis Data Entry Form (T.R. Higher Education Council Thesis Center (https://tez.yok.gov.tr) 1 Piece (signed with a blue pen)) The reference number specified in the Thesis Data Entry Form will be written.
  • Identity Card Photocopy / Passport Photocopy for International Students